Monday, August 30, 2021

Hippie Love Turbo Radio Show - Code Word "Star Fruit"

On this week's episode of Hippie Love Turbo, on KUCR 88.3 FM I gave some tiny little glimpses into the history of some of the bands you heard, however, there are plenty of people that have written more concise articles that I'd like to share. 

Firstly, I played a song by The Collectors titled Make It Easy which has been on a bunch of compilations over the years and for good reason, it's a banger! Someone by the name of Haydn Jones has created a website with all the info you'd like to know about the group and I wish more band websites were like this. Everything is laid out where you'd expect it and there is a ton of flyers, press releases, and general information of the band's evolution over the years.

Next, you heard Finch play their song Let It Be and I mentioned that I couldn't find much information besides that the band was from Milwaukee, WI. The band appears to have been named after the two brothers in the group Tom and Scott Finch and, as of a few months ago, Scott is still making music in some capacity. Most information on the band comes through Scott's website and a brief mention on his All Music biography. Of course, for people of my generation, you might remember another band named Finch. But let's not dwell on that too much...

Finally, we'll just quickly go over some of the other bands I played. You heard The Next Exit's single Break Away but the band also played under several different names including: Pretty, Kansas City, and The Fabulous Four. Once again, Garage Hangover has a great write-up on the band(s) but, unlike most other websites, the comment section is also worth checking out. 

After that you heard English band The Birds, not to be confused with the American band known as The Byrds. What's most notable about the band is that it featured the early work of Ronnie Wood, who later went on to work with The Creation and a lesser-known band The Rolling Stones. If you listen to the show often you've definitely heard The Creation on the episodes named Potato, Mango, Eggplant, Nectarine, and Zucchini

That's about it for this post but be sure to check back for more weekly content and don't forget to tune in Sundays at midnight on KUCR 88.3FM in Riverside!

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