Saturday, October 16, 2021

Partying and Experimenting with Crisco - Hippie Love Turbo Radio Show - Code Word "Bok Choy"

On this episode of Hippie Love Turbo, on KUCR 88.3 FM I mentioned an experiment that my elementary school teacher performed with us in 2nd grade that involved Crisco and ice water. During the experiment the class took turns placing our hands in some ice water to see how long we could handle it. After the students agreed that it uncomfortably cold (duh) our teacher brought out a bag full of Crisco, with another bag acting as a glove, and we tried the experiment again. This time around the Crisco, which served as an analog to blubber, made the ice more bearable. Eventually, our teacher turned the experiment into a competition to see who could hold their hand in the water longer, a Crisco gloved student or someone that was bare handed. Of course, the teacher chose a headstrong show-off as the bare handed participant and he held his hand in the water until it turned blue. Even as a kid I realized that it was a bad idea on my teacher's part but ultimately, I recognize the power of the experiment because I still remember it to this day. In fact, the experiment must have been a hit for many people as I see the lesson is still suggested, in various forms, to this day and more than likely, it was performed well before my time too.

Recently, the experiment was brought back from the dusty shelves of my mind when I listened to George Washington and The Cherrybombs song Crisco Party. What's a Crisco party? It's a sort of slippery dance party where everyone coats their bodies in what's essentially shortening made from vegetable oil. 

Well, all you need is a lot of Crisco and some girls and boys.
Well, when you get to that party throw your hands up for joy.
I like Crisco Party. He likes Crisco party. Everybody grease up now.

If I put my tin foil hat on for a second, it almost seems like the song was a sort of sly advertisement for the brand. In fact, Crisco was famous for its aggressive ad campaigns which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in between 1911-1915 and included cookbooks which were given away for free and listed Crisco as an essential ingredient. Even before that, Crisco was known for encouraging people to trust the brand and not worry about which ingredients were included in the product. Hmmmm. Suspicious. Then again, sometimes you just write about what you like, even if it can be construed as free advertising

Images from whatevernot and Temple Garden Ballroom 
                                                                                                                                                           Changing topics from Crisco now, I had mentioned in the show that there isn't a ton of info on one of the bands I played named The White Nights besides that they come from Regina, Saskatchewan and that they recorded a couple singles on Gaiety Records. While doing some research I found out that early on the band had a gimmick where they wore all white and even had their hair bleached white as well. Gimmicks weren't uncommon in rock music back then but they feel so quaint compared to some of the stuff we see today. Anywho, I talked about how the existing pictures of the band were neat so I've included them above. Enjoy.

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The Mods - I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)
Los Texao - Swlabr

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